Detail and Beauty of a Golden Age

A fresh interpretation of chinoiserie with a modern twist, Dynasty is infused with the rich history and elegance of Asian culture. The coordinating wallpaper, print, woven and embroidered fabrics were inspired by the detail and beauty of a golden age. Patterns include blossoming cherry trees and exotic large-scale fl ora, an architectural bamboo trellis and intricate lattice weave, and painterly scenic toiles filled with lush trees, pagodas, and people.

Bold, luxurious color palettes with bright hues of navy, green, fuchsia, red, and purple emphasize the fanciful designs of this collection.Based on a 1920s document, Asian Scenic is imagined to be a Zen garden with flowing waters, lush trees, people and pagodas. This bold design is a whimsical dream with Asian influence that is both mysterious and enchanting.

By definition, Bijou means “an ornamental piece of delicate workmanship” and this pattern is quite a jewel. The wallpaper was inspired by the matching fabric woven in India.

Carlotta is a painterly ikat with a rhythmic repeat available in a spectrum of colors. The wallpaper is made in Italy, printed on Type I vinyl with a subtle emboss. The fabric is also printed in Italy on 100% flax.

Honshu Island is renowned for its Japanese gardens. Inspired by these great gardens, this pattern’s large-scale exotic flora were brought to life with vibrant color and modern romantic drama. The original 1920’s document was altered and enlarged for a better appeal.

Clayton Herringbone's embroidery has fine detail stitching creating the beautiful herringbone design with soft flowing lines, made in India. The wallpaper was infl uenced from the embroidery but with its own larger scale.

Ming Trail is a modern, balanced, geometric trellis inspired by traditional chinoiserie fretwork. The matching cut velvet fabric is uber luxurious.

Ever fashionable, Cheng Toile is a classic scenic toile pattern complete with pagodas and provincial people. The pattern was taken from a document and the background has a subtle textured look. Colorways include neutral taupe, light aqua, grey and gold, and fresh pairings like blue on green and navy on red.

Bold in scale and color, Shoji Panel is an oversized statement-making geometric pattern that resembles a traditional Asian lattice. The pattern was inspired by a Thibaut wallpaper from the 1960’s.

The detail and intricacy of Largo Weave will have you thinking this paper is made with natural materials. This faux grasscloth pattern looks like the real thing! This wallpaper can be used in bathrooms and hallways where sometimes grasscloth should not be.

Sakura means “blossoming cherry tree”— a timeless Asian motif. The delicate pattern is printed on paperweave which gives it the look of a soft and aged hand painting.

A classic interlocking pattern of woven natural paperweave, Lattice Weave’s small-scale basketweave design makes a big impact.

A traditional stripe with an ombrè effect, Stockton Stripe is a fine ottoman weave with a contemporary style.