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Single Rolls vs. Double Rolls

Ordering wallpaper can sometimes be confusing. This is because Wallpaper is priced as single rolls and packaged by the manufacturer and delivered as double rolls. This means that if you order four single rolls of wallpaper, what will actually be delivered to your home or office will be two double rolls of wallpaper - each roll will be equivalent to two single rolls of wallpaper

Please keep in mind that roll widths & lengths will vary by manufacturer!

The standard size of a SINGLE roll of wallpaper is 21 in. wide x 16.5 ft. long (Approx. 28 ft).

The standard size of a DOUBLE roll of wallpaper is 21 in. wide x 33 ft. long (Approx. 56 ft).

Keep in mind that lengths and widths will vary by manufacturer, or contact us if you need assistance.